Accountants are entrepreneurs too !

A career that has a lot of job options or opportunity nowadays is accountancy or accounting. Certified-board accountants have gigantic job opportunities. Since many people nowadays are starting up their own business, more and more accountants are needed. The presence of a business makes the need of an accountant. In order for a certain company to have a transparency in all of their expenditures and cash flow, a certified accountant is highly needed.

To have a career in accounting will help you learn the essential skills needed especially if you have plans of starting up your own business. This can make you expert in running your own business in the future. Many successful business men were accountants of other companies. Entrepreneurs that have a background in accounting know how to manage their resources or funds carefully. Those entrepreneurs know how to manage not only where to invest their money but whom to invest it. For example, they can invest their money in a graphic design company that offers an inexpensive website design. There are many ways to find a credible design company you can search online for a top web design, compare web design prices and differentiate web hosting reviews.

Accountancy as a course, requires analytic capabilities as well as computer literacy. Since accounting always deal with cash flow, income, assets, financial statements, finances, cash, payroll, debit, compensation, expenditures, credit, inventories and receivables, analysis is extremely valuable. You need to think where did every cent came from or where every penny goes in a certain business. In addition, knowledge in the computer will not only lighten their jobs but also make their work faster. The presence of accounting or calculating software makes it faster. It is also a must that an accountant be up to date in computer usage because most transactions nowadays are being done electronically.

The job of a French accountant in Paris is usually in the office where they can concentrate and free from noise and other forms of stress. It is a must that they should be left on their job because being an accountant means being busy with figures, computations, money transactions and many more that requires analysis and concentration. Thus, the work environment is usually self pressure environment. Accounting skills are learned from school. All skills in accountancy need a thorough training, experience and school attendance.

Many people are attracted to get accountancy because of the high pay or the salary that most people get. Many accountants start at a six figure income and the more experience they get, the higher their price. With hard work and determination, many accountants are able to earn double their price. Some people reap the benefits of their dedication to their work by having an early retirement. The salary and savings that they get during their active work is substantial for an early retirement. For this reason, many people choose accountancy as a career.

The good thing about being an accountant is that you will not run out of work. You can work for both government and private companies. If you want a career that can be hugely rewarding, go for accountancy. Those accountants that have long years of experience in the field have large opportunities to work on large companies, government agencies, banks, schools, funding institutions and many more. Accountancy as a course, needs a four-year course to learn all the aspects in finance, accounting and accounting related principles.

Accountancy as a course, is not easy; it requires surviving college years of learning for at least four years. You add up the years that they need to practice in order to become experts. However, once they get used to the job, many entrepreneurs will hire you for the service. In this regard, accounting as a job or profession is a fantastic career for those who would want to earn much money. Most accountants also have a stable job that could last until their retirement age.

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Lawyer, Minister, and Motivational Coach: Who is Monique Pressley?

There are only a handful of people that has a huge influence in the lives of the masses. They are the ones that know the open secrets of the world and have maximized it to its greatest potential. Because of their unrelenting efforts in becoming a better person, they have attracted the eyes of many. And because of that, they are followed and have their skills hired for whatever situation they are needed for.


One such person is named Monique Pressley, a widely known trial attorney ( who worked at divorce vesoul avocat in France ), crisis manager, noted speaker, radio host, television legal contributor/analyst, ordained minister, certified leadership trainer and adjunct law professor.

You got to wonder how she can get all those skills in her brilliant mind. Such are the qualities of iconic and influential people of the world.


Monique’s public image

Since she’s very influential, it is only understandable that you see a lot of her in television shows. She has appeared in numerous news networks, both local and international. Some of them are CNN, ABC News, Fox News, MSNBC, Arise News, and Al Jazeera America. She also appears on the NewsOne Now with Roland Martin as a legal analyst on the channel TV One ( ) . She appears in that show regularly. Her work is also featured in various prominent magazines including Essence Magazine, The Legal Times, USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, Jet Magazine, The Washington Post, and The New York times.


Her radio hosting work is a webcast entitled Breathe Through It with Monique Pressley. This is scheduled every weekday, which is accessible by anyone from anywhere all over the world.


She is also the principal for The Pressley Firm PLLC, which is headquartered in DC Metropolitan area. This firm specializes in crisis communications and management, complex civil litigation and the new business development and incorporation.



She was originally living in Galveston, Texas, where sh received her B.A. degree at St. Mary’s University located in San Antonio, Texas. She graduated law at Washington, DC from Howard University School of Law. Before, she served for the District of Columbia Office of the Attorney General as a Senior Assistant Attorney General. Her work focuses on the defense of the agencies of the civil litigation issues and the city’s mayor as well.


She also adjusted professor at the Howard University School of Law at a span of 5 years, where she taught topics on Trial Advocacy and even coached the Trial Advocacy Moot Court Team. Before she attended law school, she also served on the US Congressional staffs of Representative Charlie Wilson and Representative Jack Brooks.


She is a highly sought-after motivational speaker.


Monique in the Ministry

It may have something to do with all of her accomplishments, but she has been described by many as the unique voice of today’s ever increasing dangers of the world. She can deliver messages filled with inspiration and even empowers people from a different yet fresh perspective. Because she has foundations in her skills that she has honed for many years, she infuses it with her teachings, thus making it more sensible that can’t be compared to any other motivational speaker.