Giving Up On Your Current Job? What To Consider Before Taking The Big Step



Should you give up your current job ? This is a thought that may be crossing your mind recurrently. If this is the case, making decisions haphazardly with regards to resigning from your current job will not be wise since it may adversely affect your career life in the long run.

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Several determinants should be considered before settling for your decision and tendering your letter of resignation to your senior. This article will highlight some situations that may trigger the right time for you to go for a new job:

1. Your Job is Demoralizing

You may at times be overwhelmed by the work load, hence stress and feeling demoralized every time you are in your current job. Trying to get a solution to the problem is more of a mirage and failure is the constant result.

Your health, well being and sleep is lost as you try to keep up with your current job. If you are in such a position, you may probably want to put your health first by changing into a new working environment.

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2. You are Being Sidelined

A number of your responsibilities have been taken away from you without any justification. There is no trust on the end of your superior, you are excluded from important meetings and you are being designated with works that are not only important, but will eventually contribute very little scores on your year end job evaluation for salary increment or promotion.

Before taking any step, talk to your boss to understand the possible reasons of being sidelined although chances are high that your boss may be prompting you to leave. It might be the right time to take the step of getting another job if the situation is deteriorating.

3. You Receive a Better Offer Elsewhere


If an opportunity that will allow for your career growth, has better working terms and will enable you to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, you will without a doubt go for it. You are bound to encounter numerous opportunities along your career path that may be favorable to you. Such opportunities are not easy to come by, so if there is one that is a good fit for you, give it a serious consideration.

In conclusion, resigning from a current job or changing jobs is part and parcel of one’s career life. Should you give up your current job ? If you are seriously considering quitting your current job due to one reason or the other, take your time and ponder on the whole issue. Only after a long and deep thought will you make a decision that will be sound and solid.

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